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What Can We Help You Achieve?


As a personal trainer veteran my mission is to create the tools for our clients to have a better them, mind, body and soul. Whether they want to improve their sport performance, reduce health risks, or look and feel better; we work toward enhancing their well-being by empowering them with knowledge, skills, support and guidance to take it to the next level; a complete transformation that will make their health goals a reality.


A fitness lifestyle is an IDENTITY. Our overall goal is to create the mindset of who you are (DILIGENT) and what you do (WORKOUTS). STAY FIT (mindset) BE FIT (in the body).  


~Stan Jackson / Owner Diligent Workouts


  • Yoga Instructor

  • Boot Camp Instructor

  • Spin Instructor

  • ACE Certified

  • AFA Certified

  • Health & Wellness Certified

  • TRX Certified 


Other Experience:

  • Boxing Trainer

  • Marathon Trainer

  • Food Planner

  • Employed by 3 local YMCAs

  • Practice Bikram (Hot) Yoga

  • Life Coach

  • Motivational Teacher  

  • Vegan 

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